Food Marketing Nerds - Where We Talk Marketing, Branding, and Social Media with the Smartest Minds in the Food and Beverage Business. In this weekly interview series, Alex Oesterle asks the hard and sometimes uncomfortable questions to dive into what's working and what isn't in world of food and beverage marketing. From CMO's to social media managers, the ideas and strategies will change the way you approach building your brand. If you're a marketing professional in the food and beverage space or intend to launch a new product, these interviews are an amazing resource for practical tactics you can implement from day one. After co-founding a digital agency aimed at helping food and beverage brands boost sales to millennials, I started interviewing experts in the field to get insights into what makes the best food and beverage brands so successful. I created this podcast to share these interviews with you, and to help other food and beverage businesses achieve their goals in an actionable and entertaining way! Visit to download your free social media e-book.
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Jul 13, 2017

Fred Hart is joining us on the show today. We had Fred on the podcast back at episode #30, and if you haven’t listened to that interview yet, we talked all about honing brand strategy, and I’d definitely recommend checking that one out.

Fred is a Partner and Creative Director of Interact, one of the most sought after packaging design firms in the industry.

Part of Fred’s job as creative director is keeping a pulse on industry trends and how to leverage that knowledge to set brands up for the future. Fred and his team recently returned from the Fancy Foods show in New York, and on the show today, we talk about:

  • Interesting categories and trends popping up in the Natural Products industry
  • How Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods could have a huge impact on packaging design
  • What steps you can take to get your brand strategy buttoned up

And plenty more…

Fred is a rock star in the industry and has plenty to teach us all in his approach to keying in on trends, branding, and design.


Pics of Notable Trends at the Fancy Foods Show

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