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Food Marketing Nerds is an interview series with restaurant marketing experts, the best in CPG marketing, and entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry. In this weekly podcast series, show host, Alex Oesterle, talks marketing, branding, and social media, diving into the hard and sometimes uncomfortable questions to uncover what's working and what isn't in world of food and beverage marketing. From CMO's to social media managers, the ideas and strategies will change the way you approach your CPG or restaurant marketing. If you're in the food and beverage space or intend to launch your own venture, these interviews are an amazing resource for practical tactics you can implement from day one. After co-founding a digital agency aimed at helping food and beverage brands boost sales to millennials, Alex started interviewing experts in the field to get insights into what makes the best food and beverage brands so successful. He created this podcast to share these interviews with you, and to help other food and beverage businesses achieve their goals in an actionable and entertaining way! Visit for show notes, interview transcripts, and free resources to help you achieve your restaurant marketing or CPG marketing goals.
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Feb 22, 2017

On the podcast today, we've got Rich Hope, CMO of one of the fastest growing restaurant brands in the country, Jersey Mike's.

At over 1,200 locations (and counting), we talk about the catalysts for the growth behind Jersey Mike's. You'll get a peak behind the curtains about how they're adjusting to account for underlying changes in the market.

Jersey Mike's has nailed it when it comes to serving up a great product, but what might surprise you is how the company has adapted to the advancing tech in marketing and the restaurant industry.

If you've yet to fully embrace marketing technology, or are wondering how the fastest growing brands do, there are plenty of takeaways in today's interview with Rich. 

Let's get after it.

For show note and additional resources, visit

Feb 15, 2017

We’re changing gears a little bit in today’s episode, and I think you'll really enjoy it. On the show, we have Barr Hogen, owner of Barr-None Consulting, and we’re going to talking about developing food products with an approach that sets you up for success.

It today's episode, we talk with Barr about her expertise in developing food products that appeal to a specific target demographic’s flavor preferences. Barr is a product development consultant with an extensive background in creating healthy, and delicious food and beverage products.

Before spending nine years at Odwalla creating products they still sell today, Barr helped open one of, if not the first, whole foods restaurants in San Francisco. In other words, Barr was creating nutritious products way before it was trendy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What flavor profiles you should focus on if you want to market to millennials vs. baby boomers
  • How to approach product development differently if you’re planning to sell mass market
  • What Barr tells every food entrepreneur with a new product idea

And plenty more…

Let’s go chat with Barr. 

Resources from the Episode:

Feb 9, 2017

In this episode, we're chatting with Matt D'Amour, CEO of Yumbutter, about how he built his B Corp from the ground up, increasing his ability to make a positive impact on the world.

Starting with only $900 and zero industry experience, Matt and his business partner launched the business, which has grown in distribution by over 430% this past year.

Through their Buy One, Feed One model, which you'll get to hear about shortly, Yumbutter has helped feed over 150,000 children with malnutrition since 2015. 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Where the bottlenecks are when it comes to scaling a food CPG company
  • What the challenges and benefits of running a certified B Corp are
  • How to increase awareness around your company's bigger mission when you get into new stores

And a whole lot more.

For more information on Yumbutter, check out their website at 

Feb 1, 2017

Today’s episode is a little longer than usual, but it's well worth taking the time to listen to the podcast. We’ve got Richard Cran on the show who is about to drop some serious advertising and branding wisdom on you.

Richard’s resume would make Don Draper jealous. Throughout Richard’s career, he’s worked with powerhouses like Taco Bell, Nike, Audi, Samsung, and Harley Davidson just to name a few.

Over the past several years, and most relevant to our restaurant marketing nerds out there, Richard was VP of Marketing Communications for Jack in the Box, where he headed up campaigns impressive enough to make it into Facebook’s quarterly earnings reports.

He’s joining us on the show today having recently started his own firm called AdHoc Advertising, which you’ll get to hear more about in a minute.

On this episode, you’ll learn

  • What iconic brands do to truly differentiate themselves
  • How to measure the direct impact of your social media campaigns
  • Why the high cost of working with influencers can actually be justifiable

And so much more.

If you'd like to get in touch with Richard, you can contact him via email at

So sit back, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to learn.